Information on me.

Maybe introducing myself brings much difficulty because I cannot define and identify myself as a ‘particular’ person. I’m the fine line. I am the middle divide between this and that. I cannot be one or the other, I have to be both. I can’t say that I am loud without also mentioning that in many situations I’m extremely introverted. I can’t say that I listen to Mumford and Sons or Kanye without also playing records of Frank Sinatra or Four Seasons. I am created in diversity and difference.

And so I guess, this is hello to not only unknown new faces who may stumble upon this, but to the old. Because in many ways, none of you have met this side. Maybe it is easier to delve into a strangers life; to read about someone that is of distance and solitude to your own because you have no previous impression and judgements of them. I am not quite sure. However, as you follow with me from this point on, I will no longer be much of a stranger to you. I’m here to give myself wholly and openly to you, within retrospect. As much as I can give I will, and as little as I can give, I must.

I want to shock, to empower, to make you laugh and cry. And if I manage to make you feel ‘something’ from this page, then I know I’m doing my job. For years I struggled with who I am, and how I would show that, and finally that crazy journey (which I will still forever be on) has led me to this. Many people throughout my life have told me I couldn’t do this, or I shouldn’t do that. But this is mine; a place where limits cease to exist and barricades and judgements are tossed away into a deep dark place where it’s voice becomes silenced to an inaudible nothing.

This is me.

So welcome to the creative, weird, personal and adventurous world of Katey Bulner.

Right here is a platform that encompasses and shares my passions, experiences and personal thoughts on areas such as creative writing, fashion, music, travelling and the general happenings of this world.

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Let’s be extraordinary.