Life on Film | Dec & Jan

Dreamy skies, a 23rd birthday celebrated in hospital, humid mornings by the pool, floral bouquets, date nights via video-calls, hours in the library and smile-stained faces on holidays. Over the last few weeks, I've also found solace in solitude; studying new languages, enrolling myself into courses and reading myself into somewhat of a recluse. Albeit…


Songs of Stockholm

A suitcase set for the snow, "Chiquitita" on loop, an itinerary solely dedicated to meatballs, and a mere two-hour flight later, I found myself in the heart of Sweden.  The self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm has a palette for the finest things in life. Traditionally historic, yet exquisitely curious, the city is an ever-changing and…

Bristol Bound

“Why do you love Bristol?” I ask my British friends. Beth (my Northerner roommate) replies “It’s a great drunk night out, and I guess the people are lovely too.” Isabelle (a friend from work) sings “Oh, it’s steeped in history, has a great and proud culture, and it’s very liberal!”. And Lou (my local barista), simply looks at me and says, “Two words, darling: gert lush”.