This domain has remained open and free for months; blank and untouched with the words or attention it was so purposely designed to crave. In a very impulsive decision (I make a lot of those), I punched in my billing details and spent approximately $24.00/year on this website. I find it particularly peculiar that after spending monotonous fly-watching hours, sitting and staring at the same four walls, and begging for a release of boredom, I never once decided to actually open up this site and just simply: begin. And yet here I currently sit in Gate 19 of Brisbane’s Airport – International Terminal, my head dreaming to be serenaded to sleep, and my body aching to be coddled in rest. So with the hours to kill, and a clean page waiting, I’ve decided to make this page home to “something”. 

I am in love with beginnings – in a story, an adventure, a relationship or place. However this beginning seems entirely different; because in just a matter of words I need to “impress” you. To hold you to this page so you keep reading and returning for more. But that’s just something I can’t, and will refuse to do. If you do not like me, or my writing, then there is no reason to stay. I will say one thing however; Trouvaille means something lovely discovered by chance; a windfall. And when you think about it, you’re taking chances all the time. And I hope maybe, just maybe, you’ll take a chance on me.


So here we go again, on the annual Bulner travelling expedition. Every year my family and I decide to pack up and run off to foreign destinations with a great desire to see, learn and explore. Besides the sleeping smudged mascara, the loud toilet flushes, and the snoring guy I always end up sitting next to, flying is one of the greatest pleasures ever. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to the sun, the only time I can really say my heads up in the clouds, and ultimately; it takes me to a completely different surrounding and journey. Growing up this way has given me a craving for flying, a craving to simply just “GO”. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

In approximately 11 hours I’ll be cramming in a glass of red, attempted sleep, and wasting my time searching through the endless list of flight movies (before deciding to just read instead). Soon after that I’ll be at my destination. By then, the sun will have risen, your eyes would have found this little piece of writing, and I will be in Hawaii. So here’s to my “trouvaille” moments of taking opportunities, pushing boundaries and allowing the little things in life like yoga, snorkelling (and daily cocktails) take their course. What will be yours?

Talk to you soon.

Katelyn. x


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