24 hours in Edinburgh

True to the title, and conquered in hours no more or no less, I visited the great Scotts for a rendezvous with history.  Take my lens and checklist as reference points as I fast-track you through the gothic, compact and hilly capital of Edinburgh.

  • Climbed Calton Hill
  • Stood opposite Arthur King’s Seat – a  200 million year old extinct volcano
  • Window-shopped on the Royal Mile
  • Ran around in Princes Street & Victoria Street
  • Visited The Elephant Café – the writing spot of J.K.Rowling
  • Toured Edinburgh Castle/just stood outside because entry fee was too expensive
  • Ate a British meal in a Scottish pub
  • Saw St Giles’ Cathedral, and watched a Scottish wedding occur inside
  • Ogled at the Scott Monument
  • Gave all my pennies to street bag pipers
  • Frolicked in Princes Street Gardens
  • Visited the Real Mary King’s Close tourist attraction
  • Learnt about the plague and the living conditions of residents in the 17th century
  • Clinked a rose and chomped on pizza with Bella
  • Ate a chocolate frozen yoghurt on the city side street
  • Failed at finding Tom Riddles stone in Greyfriars Graveyard at 10pm
  • Awoke with caffeine in Old Town
  • Walked 2km in New Town
  • Checked out of my hotel
  • Said goodbye to the historic bricks, seas and rolling hills of Edinburgh from my train windowBuildingBagpipesGiles

TheatreHillsClimberMonumentCarlton HillStreet1

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