Weekend à Paris

Beret hunting, French oil paintings and live string quartets. A city of old and new romantics, complex metro systems and 9 AM chocolate éclairs.Foreign tongues fervently kissing and unexpected political protests; both executed in equal passions. Blink and you’ll miss an empty Arc de Triomphe. Stare too long and the Eiffel Tower will never let you leave. Tour Amelie’s cafe in Montmartre or shyly ogle at the sex signs surrounding the Moulin Rouge.

Roam around in the Château de Versailles or try trick the eyes of Musée de Louvre’s prized Mona Lisa. Shout out to the hunchback from the bottom of Notre-Dame and study the stained glass windows in Sainte-Chapelle. Walk everywhere, drink everything. Indulge your palette and your mind. Because when you play and stay in the beloved city of Paris, you can’t help but say ‘oui oui’ to life.

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