Life on Film | Vol 4

Dreamy skies, a 23rd birthday celebrated in hospital, humid mornings by the pool, floral bouquets, date nights via video-calls, hours in the library and smile-stained faces on holidays. Over the last few weeks, I’ve also found solace in solitude; studying new languages, enrolling myself into courses and reading myself into somewhat of a recluse. Albeit only January, this year has already shown no sign of ceasing the constant saturation and over-stimulation of breaking news and politics, and with the added proliferation of watching and comparing other people’s lives on social media, it can feel suffocatingly hard to keep a clear and levelled mind. Literature has and always will be, my soothing escapism and coping mechanism. I suggest you ask yourself what yours might be too. With the last month of summer coming to its final bow and filling our time with lighter and longer days, you will find me emancipating myself from my phone and seeking out the sun. And above all else, with my nose buried in a book.

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