Songs of Stockholm

A suitcase set for the snow, "Chiquitita" on loop, an itinerary solely dedicated to meatballs, and a mere two-hour flight later, I found myself in the heart of Sweden.  The self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm has a palette for the finest things in life. Traditionally historic, yet exquisitely curious, the city is an ever-changing and…

Bristol Bound

“Why do you love Bristol?” I ask my British friends. Beth (my Northerner roommate) replies “It’s a great drunk night out, and I guess the people are lovely too.” Isabelle (a friend from work) sings “Oh, it’s steeped in history, has a great and proud culture, and it’s very liberal!”. And Lou (my local barista), simply looks at me and says, “Two words, darling: gert lush”.

Siesta and Fiesta’s in Barcelona

"Who would have thought? You, me, Bella and Barcelona in the winter of 2019. Who would have thought?"  The three of us are nestled into the back of a taxi, en route from El Prat Airport Terminal 2 to Plaça de Catalunya. We're driving northeast, parallel to the Mediterranean Sea coastline. It's a Friday afternoon, circa 1…