Viva Las Vegas.

This is a city for giants,
Furnished with grandeur and excess.
A labyrinth of fame and fortune,
Viva Las Vegas.

Itโ€™s a place of other places,
From Venice to Paris.
Meet the Pharaohs at the Luxor,
And greet the Gods at Caesars Palace.

Take a 2ft novelty cup,
And fill it to the brim.
With frozen margaritas,
For the 40 degree heat strip.

Showgirls and brawny men,
Tease, parade and perform.
Whilst bronzed tans and bikinis,
Becomes your customary uniform.

Caricatures on Fremont Street,
Spot Tupac and Gene Simmons.
Wedding bells in white chapels,
The celebrant? Why, itโ€™s Elvis!

The desert is your perimeter,
The Grand Canyon by your feet.
Hoover Dam, then Lake Mead,
Give a natural wonder treat.

Puff tobacco cigars indoors,
Your sins are not concealed.
See magic and illusions,
By the hypnotic, David Copperfield.

Now kiss the lucky dice,
And watch the slot machines dance.
Place all your bets on red,
And hope you’re dealt a good hand.

But alas, this mirage will end,
Goodbyes hurt nonetheless.
So, until we meet again,
Viva Las Vegas.

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