Life on Film | Vol 3

Time is going too fast – it frightens me. Years are lived in a week, a week becomes a day, and 24 hours is now a second. Blink, and we’re halfway through the year. Like a speed of light, projected as a void in outer-space, time has, and always will be, an uncatchable and uncontrollable force. And as humans, we simply play long.

But what if we began to consciously let go? Contradicting, right? But letting go takes work. It’s becoming incredibly hard for us to now switch our minds off, to not plan, but just do; repercussions, surprises and all. It’s a challenge I’ve tasked myself with and I now pose to you. Turn blurs into pictures, noise into conversations, crowds into people. Go slower, slower, slower. Now look and tell me what do you see?

19 · 04 · 19
Loch Ness
A myth, a legend, a dramatic stage; there is something wonderfully exciting about a sea monster that lives in a deep loch. You pass it off as tomfoolery, but every ripple in that water makes your mind think twice. So, put your scepticism aside and just take a pic of Nessie won’t you?

20 · 04 · 19
Neist Point
We sit on the cliffs that overlook the sea, watching the birds hibernate in a nearby cove. We’re close, but not too close – Brittany gets fearful of the edge. I know this, because Brittany is my best friend. Of 8 years to be precise. I also know that she likes Brioche choc chip buns, Missy Higgins, British comedians and green tea. Travelling the world with a friendship of ours is a privilege, fortune and stroke of luck. 

21 · 04 · 19
Old Man of Storr
A place where the sky and sea meet. Like a reflection of the other, the dreamy whites, blues and greys merge together in a trickery of nature. And we ask ourselves, where does the earth really end?

23 · 04 · 19
Gin, champagne, rosé, and strawberries for garnishing, the queen of cocktails is none other than my dear friend Rhi. We gush over new jobs and old flames and order fancier dishes than our banks accounts can pay for. With an uncanny palette for prettiness, it’s pink drinks, always. 

04 · 05 · 19
Windsor Castle
I never was a ‘royals’ person. I thought the saucers, glasses and tea towels printed with the royal family’s faces was slightly odd. That was until I moved to London, watched The Crown and passed Buckingham Palace on my Sunday mornings. Now I check on them as I would with the weather.  

04 · 05 · 19
A royal tradition that never disappoints. It’s chaotic, choreographed, and executed in loud precision. The change of guards with regiments and rifles will forever get me to stand up on my tippy toes.

04 · 05 · 19
The Long Walk is just that: a very long walk. But the sunshine was out and the people of Britain were positively beaming. So, I joined in. I took a tour of Windsor Castle, shared common excitement about the birth of Baby Sussex and even squealed when the flag flying above the Round Tower signed that the Queen was home! 

04 · 05 · 19

I waited four minutes for these two swans to swim around the river bend. Peaceful, polite, and pristinely white, they passed me on the way and continued on into a horizon of sunshine. 

06 · 05 · 19
We had just finished eating at a local tea house with creamed scones when we came across a water fountain that had been pranked with soap. White bubbles were overflowing onto the street and kids were splashing in the excess. It looked like fun and I wanted in. My hand was already elbow deep in the frothy pit when an elderly, much more wiser, woman to my right looked me up and down and simply said “Oh gross, you have no idea what’s been in that.” So I slowly withdrew my hand out and scrubbed it vigorously that night. 

12 · 05 · 19
Warwick Avenue
What does heaven look like? This: a glasshouse of plants and a menagerie of ceramic pots. There’s always a sleepy black kitten that lies in the succulent corner and a cafe next door that brews fresh pots of tea.

12 · 05 · 19
Regents Park
It’s a 26 degree weekend in London, so Beth and I take our books and bodies to bask in the sun. We dip in an out of conversation, turn pages and fold the corners, sip apple spritz from cans and conduct a fine session of people watching.  

15 · 05 · 19
Covent Garden
Catwalk the power suits, butter up the journalists and engage in fashion jargon talk. ‘Feel this, look at that! Smile pretty lady, it’s Press Day.

25 · 05 · 19
Meet Rebecca: a fellow Jigsaw colleague and friend who says words like ‘lush’ and is the queen of mom jeans. Resting against the windowsill of a cafe in Clifton, we exchange anecdotes of men and future dreams whilst the rain crescendoes outside.

25 · 05 · 19
It’s a sight to behold from afar, but one that also demands to be seen up close. Cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge and you can’t help your knees from going weak. 

26 · 05 · 19
It was 7pm when I took this picture, and yet the sun shows no sign of calling it a night. So, I roll onto my side, collect grass clippings in my hair and end up dozing off for half an hour with my belongings and book hugged against my bare belly.

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