Maui is paradise. There we go. The secret has slipped from the lips and the mystery of what and where REAL paradise is has been revealed. On this little island the ocean holds it’s hand out to you, the wind whispers in your ears, and the palm trees watch and view from above. The adventure within you beats to be released – hiking, zip-lining, swimming with sharks – it’s all here. Maui was like watching the island and it’s people in slow-motion. Everything is appreciated and taken with time. Nothing disappoints. The waves become a lullaby that sings you to sleep, and it starts your morning off as an alarm clock too.

By far my favourite memory in Maui was the traditional Luau at the Royal Lahaina. Their dances tell a story of history and cultural myths and memories. Each move and song is filled with an emotion and a message through dances such as the Hula or Hakka. Behind the drums and the costumes are people that are so extremely proud of their background and land, and I think that’s what really appealed to me. Women were provided with leis and the men were given traditional Hawaiian beads, and from then you are welcomed, educated and entertained.

Photographed by Jordan Bulner

With our trip coming to an end we headed back to Honolulu for the last three nights. The main purpose and reasoning for coming to Hawaii was for the celebration of my beautiful parents 25th anniversary. In our little family of four, Jordan became the official photographer and I became the wedding ordainer (just by looking up a ceremony script online). Right there on the pier of Waikiki I watched my mother and father exchange and renew their vows, and right there I saw so much love for each other and the life they have created together. So in an official public announcement mum and dad, Happy 25th Anniversary. Your love is the type of love we all dream to achieve.


On our very last night I celebrated my second thanksgiving in America in the Top of Waikiki’s revolving restaurant. I unfortunately didn’t take photos of the food because I demolished it too quickly, but trust me that it looked and tasted extremely delicious. I really couldn’t think of a better place to be spending our last night. I truly had so much to be thankful for this year. Not just for the trip to Hawaii, or even the three people that sat with me at that table – but for the people back home, for the things that had happened to me this year, and for myself (which seems like a weird thing to be thankful for I know). However it’s not often we take a moment and look back at the things we as an individual have achieved. So to everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving, or would just simply like to have a little gratitude for this year, appreciate the love and happiness in your lives through your relationships, work, experiences, and for your own personal character and growth.


Unfortunately Hawaii and myself only have a few hours left to share together, so I’m going to go say goodbye to it in the only way I think I know how – a swim in the ocean. And by the title of this blog I give you the eucatastrophe of this trip; this is the happy ending.

I’ll talk to you very soon.

Katelyn, X. 

2 thoughts on “Eucatastrophe

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.
    You reminded me of the joy and serenity that these islands bring to one’s inner sanctum.
    It is impossible to be sad in this place.
    You captured the essence of Hawaii.
    Thank you

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