Conversations of Catharsis

(n).  the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief
from, strong or repressed emotions.

This photojournalism essay explores the culture and community of music, and the vital role it plays within modern society and the local arts sector. Over four weeks I committed myself to attending a multitude of live gigs, in which I visited over 19 venues and heard over 80 artists play. These photographs tell a story of the intimacy of individuals ephemeral emotions and movement, specifically the way youth converse and immerse themselves with the artists’ music.

_DSC5616_DSC6949_DSC6967_DSC6979_DSC7034_DSC7083_DSC7141_DSC7151_DSC7185_DSC7229_DSC7236_DSC7254Confidence Man PortraitPF8IMAGEtrendIMAGEPF7IMAGEPF6IMAGEPF5ImagePF


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